ACS Group at NPE 2024

May 6th-10th. Orlando, FL

trade show digital signage


Popshap provided cutting-edge trade show digital signage for ACS Group at NPE 2024, revolutionizing their booth presentation. The trade show digital signage package included a stunning LED video wall and two sleek black touch screen table kiosks, perfectly complementing ACS Group's sophisticated booth design. The LED wall, installed high into the main structure, served as an impressive centerpiece, drawing attention and creating a visually engaging focal point for visitors.

interactive digital signage


The touch screen table kiosks were strategically placed in the middle of the carpet, facing the LED wall to maximize interaction and engagement. These kiosks featured custom software created by ACS Group. The combination of the high-impact LED video wall and the interactive touch screen kiosks provided a dynamic and immersive experience, effectively showcasing ACS Group's innovation and attracting a steady stream of booth traffic.

led video wall


Incorporating trade show digital signage can significantly elevate the impact of any booth, as demonstrated by Popshap's collaboration with ACS Group. The seamless integration of advanced digital displays and interactive elements not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the booth but also facilitated deeper visitor engagement. With trade show digital signage, ACS Group transformed their booth into an inviting and interactive space, underscoring the importance of modern digital solutions in creating memorable trade show experiences.