Trade Show Management Kiosks at USITT 2024

March 21-23, 2024. Seattle, WA

standing kiosk


At USITT 2024, Popshap stepped up to enhance the attendee experience by providing cutting-edge trade show management kiosks. With a total of 12 kiosks strategically positioned throughout the event venue, including 6 table kiosks and 6 standing kiosks, attendees had easy access to interactive event maps at their fingertips. These kiosks were strategically placed around the show floor, near registration areas, and at key entrances, ensuring that no attendee missed out on vital information.

trade show digital signage


Not only did Popshap supply the hardware for the trade show management kiosks, but we also developed custom branded software tailored specifically for the event. This software was meticulously designed to provide attendees with comprehensive information about sessions, the awards ceremony, and other important event details. Additionally, a second software component featured an interactive event map with wayfinding capabilities, allowing attendees to navigate both the trade show floor and the lab areas effortlessly. Furthermore, the software included a full schedule of events, ensuring attendees stayed informed and engaged throughout the duration of the event.

wayfinding kiosk


By providing trade show management kiosks equipped with custom branded software, Popshap ensured that attendees at USITT 2024 had a seamless and immersive event experience. From easy navigation around the venue to access to comprehensive event information, our solutions contributed to the success of the event by keeping attendees informed and engaged. Popshap remains committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of trade shows and events.