Event Management Software at Transform 2023

March 27-29, 2023



Popshap has yet again set a high bar for event management software with their latest project, providing an all-in-one solution for Transform 2023. The event management software was implemented on three 43-inch touchscreen tables, each with vinyl logos, providing an intuitive interface for attendees to explore the conference.

touchscreen kiosk


The event management software provided by Popshap was a game-changer for Transform 2023. The touchscreen tables offered an interactive wayfinding solution that allowed attendees to navigate the conference with ease. In addition, the software included an agenda, a list of speakers, and a sponsorship page. With this innovative event management software, attendees could easily access information and interact with the event in an engaging and effortless way.

interactive kiosk


In conclusion, Popshap, providing event management software for Transform 2023 provided an intuitive interface that allowed attendees to navigate the conference with ease. This innovative event management software not only made the conference experience more enjoyable for attendees but also simplified the management of the event for the organizers.