August, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada

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Unisys tradeshow popshapUnisys tradeshow popshap


Unisys, a security software company, set up a booth to display their digital services at 2018’s BlackHat cyber security conference in Las Vegas.  The conference is an annual event for dozens of software companies and developers to showcase their technology and unique ideas to hundreds of spectators.  Unisys wanted an engaging format to demonstrate the capabilities of their product.  After coming up with multiple ideas, the best solution was utilizing our 32" touch table.



Using customizable programming, Popshap designed an interactive quiz for the conference attendees to get a taste of what Unisys has to offer.  One of the challenges we faced was that the venue had limited to no internet access, so Popshap had to build a localized network environment to properly display and operate the programs.  Our solution was using our 32” touch tables to create an onsite interactive quiz that effectively demonstrates Unisys’ software and products.

Tabletop Kiosk


For this event, the Popshap team assisted UNISYS with their product demo activation during the Black Hat USA 2018. Our staff helped with software demo, event setup, and user interface through 32" touch table. The 32" touch table was a huge hit and was utilized all event long. We look forward to working with UNISYS for many years to come.