May 15, 2019 Times Center, New York

43 Inch Touch screen TableVIAFOURA4


Viafoura hired Popshap to create a demo experience of their product for an event that was held at the Times Center by 42nd Street in NYC.  How would we be able to come up with an experience that would satisfy all that was needed to accomplish, and still be an engaging, interactive experience for the guests?  The tasks would be many, but so would the solutions.  No task is too big or small for Popshap to handle.  The ideas came fast and furious.  The results were endless.



Using our 43″ touch table and the unique shape of the K kiosk line, which created an idle viewing angle for product demos, we integrated the Viofoura software into the Popshap UI/UX that we designed, especially for them.  The 43" touch table was a hit and the line seemed to have no end, as guests all wanted to get in on the experience.  This was a great event for all parties involved and we look forward to the next event.



For this two-day event, the Popshap team configured a 43″ touch table, in which the Viafoura team demonstrated the services they offer to people who attended the Times Center. The 43" touch table was a huge hit, resulting in an exciting and interactive 2 days of use, and Viafoura satisfied with all the results that they obtained.