Vintner's Harvest

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Vinter’s Harvest is a company that manufactures a wide variety of wine, in addition to sourcing a large range of equipment to ensure that you receive the highest quality wine.  At their recent wine tasting event, Vinter’s Harvest wanted a way to optimize their event check-in process to provide the best customer experience. So they approached our experts at  Popshap to see how we could assist them.  The solution was easy- our 32" touch table kiosk.



Popshap decided on using their interactive 32" touch tables to navigate this situation. The 32" touch tables enabled a faster check-in process for the event attendees. All that was needed was the email or text that was sent to the guests prior to the event and for them to input their unique confirmation code or QR code into the device. A name tag sticker was then printed from the 32" touch table, and within 30 seconds guests were checked-in. The interactive 32" touch table, which replaced the conventional check-in format, kept the registration lines moving and created a positive experience for everyone attending Vinter’s Harvest event.



For this annual event, Vinter Harvest used a 32" touch table to make the checkout process to the event much easier and more interactive. Not only did it make the check in experience easier and quicker, each attendee was able to print a badge sticker with their name on it, ensuring a clean, professional look, and every attendee being accounted for. We appreciate the opportunity to work with our new friends from Vinter Harvest, and can't wait to raise a glass again to the next event!