Wayfinding Digital Signage at Global Pet Expo

March 22-24, 2023. Orlando, Florida


At the recent Global Pet Expo, organized by the American Pet Product Association, Popshap had the privilege of providing our wayfinding digital signage to elevate the attendee experience. With a focus on seamless navigation and engaging visuals, our wayfinding digital signage and LED trade show signage played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall event experience.

touchscreen kiosk


Our contribution included 16 strategically placed wayfinding digital signage kiosks, designed to guide attendees throughout the show floor. These interactive displays, equipped with our custom software featuring show branding, speakers, agenda, sponsors, and even a matching game, ensured attendees never felt lost or overwhelmed.

360 photobooth


In tandem with the wayfinding digital signage, our LED trade show signage took center stage, providing a dynamic platform to showcase sponsors and event schedules. A prominent LED wall served as a focal point, capturing attendees' attention and keeping them informed in real-time. Furthermore, our provision of three 360 photo booths added a playful element to the expo, allowing attendees to create lasting memories and share their experiences on social media using the event hashtag.