Wayfinding Digital Signage at Manifest 2023

Jan 31st - Feb 2nd, 2023. Las Vegas, NV.

wayfinding table kiosk


Manifest, a trade show organizer, approached Popshap to provide wayfinding digital signage for their upcoming event, Manifest 2023. Manifest wanted to include interactive kiosks that would provide attendees with show details. Popshap provided the perfect solution for Manifest by supplying them with 4 x 43-inch touchscreen standup kiosks (white), 2 x 43-inch touchscreen tables (white), and organizer software. The wayfinding digital signage provided by Popshap enhanced the overall attendee experience by providing easy access to critical information throughout the event.

standing touchscreen kiosk


The 43-inch touchscreen standup kiosks and tables provided by Popshap were designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing. This wayfinding digital signage allowed attendees to access event schedules, a map of the show floor, and other important information at their fingertips. The wayfinding feature was particularly useful for attendees who were new to the event, as it helped them to locate specific booths and areas of interest.

wayfinding kiosk


Popshap's wayfinding digital signage helped to streamline event logistics and improve the overall attendee experience at Manifest 2023. By providing interactive kiosks and tables, wayfinding capabilities, and an agenda feature, Popshap helped attendees to easily navigate the show floor and stay up to date with the latest event information. With 4,500+ attendees and 250+ speakers Popshap's wayfinding digital signage was a great success and helped to make Manifest 2023 an unforgettable event.