Wayfinding Digital Signage for Blueprint 2023

Sept 2023. Las Vegas, NV

wayfinding standing kiosk


Blueprint | The Future of the Build World is an annual construction technology showcase, bringing together industry leaders and innovators. We're thrilled to have supplied them with our wayfinding digital signage, for the second consecutive year. For this event, we provided two 43-inch stand-up kiosks and two 43-inch touchscreen tables, ensuring attendees had convenient access to crucial information.

wayfinding table kiosk


Our touchscreen kiosks played a central role in enhancing the event experience. A dynamic screensaver cycled through essential show information and schedules, ensuring attendees stayed informed. Once users engaged, they were welcomed with details about the official after-party and four interactive widgets. These widgets included comprehensive speaker profiles, a detailed agenda, an interactive map with wayfinding features, and a dedicated section for event sponsors. The integration of our kiosks and software not only streamlined event logistics but also provided attendees with interactive tools to navigate the event, engage with speakers, and explore valuable sponsorship information.

wayfinding touchscreen kiosk


Blueprint | The Future of the Build World is more than just an event; it's a convergence of innovation and industry expertise. We're proud to contribute by providing the wayfinding digital signage that empowers attendees to make the most of their experience. With our touchscreen kiosks and organizer software, Blueprint attendees have easy access to the information they need, ensuring a seamless and engaging event that's more than just informative; it's transformative.