Wayfinding Kiosks at AAHOACON 2024

APRIL 2-5, 2024. Orlando, FL

table kiosk


At AAHOA 2024, Popshap took attendee experience to the next level by supplying innovative wayfinding kiosks equipped with custom branded software. With four strategically placed wayfinding kiosks, guests were empowered with all the necessary show information at their fingertips. Our custom software package featured an exhibitor directory, enabling attendees to easily locate and learn about exhibitors. Additionally, the floor map integrated interactive wayfinding, ensuring seamless navigation throughout the event venue. Attendees could also access agenda details, session information, and learn about event sponsors, all conveniently accessible through our intuitive kiosk interface.

show management kiosks


In addition to providing essential event information, Popshap injected a touch of fun into the AAHOA 2024 experience with two 360 photobooths. These photobooths, accompanied by 49-inch standing kiosks, allowed guests to capture memorable moments and instantly share their videos with friends and colleagues. This interactive feature added an element of excitement and engagement to the event, creating memorable experiences for attendees.

wayfinding kiosk


At Popshap, we understand the importance of seamless navigation and engaging experiences at events like AAHOA 2024. Our wayfinding kiosks, coupled with custom branded software, not only facilitated efficient navigation but also enriched the overall event experience. By providing essential information and interactive features, we helped ensure that attendees made the most of their time at the event, leaving them with positive impressions and unforgettable memories.