Sea Air Space Show 2024

April 7-10, 2024. National Harbor, MD

wayfinding kiosk


Popshap's collaboration with Audie Expo at the Sea Air Space Show 2024 showcased the power of innovative technology in enhancing attendee experiences. Our 55 inch wayfinding kiosks, equipped with our custom software, offered seamless navigation throughout the event venue. Attendees could easily access a floor plan with interactive wayfinding, ensuring they never missed a booth or session. Additionally, our detailed exhibitor list provided valuable information about each exhibitor, including descriptions and booth numbers, streamlining the attendee's exploration of the show floor. Furthermore, our comprehensive agenda feature kept attendees informed about the schedule of sessions and events, allowing them to plan their visit efficiently.

interactive kiosks


In addition to providing wayfinding kiosks, Popshap provided an LED video wall for National Armaments Consortium’s booth, adding a captivating visual element to their exhibit. The LED video wall served as a dynamic centerpiece, attracting attention and engaging guests with vibrant displays and visuals. This immersive experience not only enhanced the aesthetics of their booth but also created a memorable and impactful presence at the Sea Air Space Show.

LED video wall


Popshap's collaboration with Audie Expo and National Armaments at the Sea Air Space Show 2024 exemplified our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for enhancing event experiences. By offering both wayfinding kiosks with custom software and LED video walls, we ensured that attendees not only navigated the event seamlessly but also enjoyed an immersive and visually stunning experience.