Quick Tips for Marketing Your Tradeshow Booth in 2021

As event planners navigate the latest best practices for in-person events, one component that certainly can't be ignored is a clear tradeshow marketing strategy. But how have the guidelines evolved in this new, socially distanced realm? We offer up some quick tips for creating an effective tradeshow marketing strategy in 2021. Be ready to turn new attendees into devoted customers. One of the unquestionable benefits of tradeshows is the ability to reach a larger audience. Of course, that also means you're contending with a ton of other exhibitors. As an effect, your tradeshow marketing should have even more importance on creating your own space and your own community, and driving that branding marketing message through that community. Don't miss your chance to interact with these new attendees. Use your tradeshow marketing messages, to convert some of those casual attendees into devoted customers who may become raving fans in the future. After all, more involved attendees lead to a larger community that can help spread the word for your brand. As more hybrid events continue to happen, communicate clearly—and think through which element you want to promote first.  As vaccines continue to roll out and hybrid events become more prevalent, audiences need to really recognize the difference between the virtual and in-person tradeshow experiences—and the value of each. Establishments are reconsidering some of their events because some attendance still isn’t what it used to be. This begs the question… does your brand really need to be there in person. Brands need to look at their event assortment and think, ‘this one is better suited for a digital setting. And at this other one, face-to-face connections are really necessary so that’s better in person.’ Or, figure out a program where the in-person event has a distinct experience that you can't duplicate in the virtual environment.