How to Responsibly Deploy Temperature Screening Kiosk

In the push to reopen offices and workplaces, there has been a noticeable uptick in new office safety efforts. Leading among these is the temperature screening kiosk with facial scanning software, whose market is anticipated to grow soon. But in the rush to get this kiosk up and running, business and city leaders should not do away with caution in the face of convenience. As with any workplace digital device, facial temperature screening technology must be deployed in the correct way to have its desired result. This is particularly the case with medical technology. The FDA’s official direction is very clear on this point: The available scientific literature supports using thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to detect elevated temperatures. These devices have many benefits, but they must be used properly to get accurate readings. [embed][/embed] Here are a few ways that those deploying temperature screening technology can get it right the first time: Set up the temperature screening kiosk at ALL building entry and exit points. Most importantly, it's necessary to position the kiosk so it can detect the temperatures of everybody entering the building. Also, for the kiosk to work, make sure that it's not blocked by any objects that might weaken its screening function. Protect information privacy and rights. Due to the bad associations with personal information capture inherent with health screening technology. Facilities managers must safeguard the data collected by such devices does not invade in any way on national data privacy laws. Choose a temperature screening kiosk that delivers constantly accurate results. For counter-virus procedures to work, worker temperatures must be screened frequently. For temperature checking to be more than a safety brace, managers should guarantee that their screening technology can consistently measure body temperature. Popshap, for example, is accurate within 1-3 seconds, allowing it to route large groups of employees fast and accurately. Without the capability to screen effectively for this COVID-19 symptom, office re-opening plans will only be met with a letdown. Temperature Screening Kiosk