Social media kiosks

Social Media Isolation

We all have social media accounts. Nowadays this seems to be an indisputable axiom. It’s fun and provides a digital place where you solely get to control and personalize every inch of it. Well, that’s excellent however the irony is in that it’s social media and while digitally it provides an unbelievable ability for connection, physically it lacks. At big events, this can be a damaging factor for the environment. Everyone taking their own pictures, hyper-focusing on their digital spaces while cutting off other members.Social Media Kiosks, Post Boards

While sharing physical space at an event with other people why not also share digital space, with a social media interactive touch kiosk, you can bridge the gap. You can change isolation to integration. See how it brings people together in the physical location and on the digital location. Everyone can snap a photo and check in to the location. At the touch kiosk, they can push their photo to the social media post board to create shared digital experiences for the benefit of everyone at the party. Especially at a party when people often are there with the hopes of meeting people. They can share in a mutual social space to create openings to interact. Why spend the “social” time alone?Social Media Kiosks for Events

Social media was originally created to connect and bring people together. It definitely does that. But many people use it to create distance from the people around them. People are very comfortable with social media platforms though, so why not bring them together on the comfortable ground? Everyone wants to connect, and when you bring them together the sensation is heightened. Parties are meant to join people together and that's definitely what you had in mind when planning the event going on. So don't let it go to waste, bring them together on terms they know well.