The rise of retail interactive displays

With advances in the world of technology, the consumer expectation and level of comfort with interactive touchscreens in the retail space has gone up and it's in all time high, in fact, consumers experience is defined by the content that a retail store has to offer with the retail's goal that the experience stays with the consumer. In the last 6 months we have installed and tested a few ways to deliver high quality content using our video wall, touchscreen kiosks and interactive wall mounted screens and the results are amazing, we are seeing an increase of 30% in sales related to digital content displayed on the screens and 50% user interaction with touch kiosks, leading also to more sales and user capture and future engagement.

The trend is only going to grow and create more opportunities for retail chain to educate and engage even more with the consumer on higher digital level and that's why interactive digital solution will play even a larger role in brand's marketing in the next few years. to learn more about our retail solutions and ways to expose your brand in this digital interactive edge click here.