These 4 Touchscreen Kiosk Statistics Will Surprise You

If you’re not using a touchscreen kiosk in your store or business, then you should contemplate trying it. To begin with, this is an investment you will quickly see a return on, and it will keep paying dividends for many years. All you’ll have to think about is performing some light maintenance. Touchscreen Kiosk Touchscreen kiosks have also been proven to boost sales and increase more conversion. It can be used to direct foot traffic into your location as well and influence your customer's and clients’ decisions. If you are still not persuaded of how efficient touchscreen kiosks can be, here are four touchscreen kiosk statistics that will astonishment you.

68% of Patrons Make a Purchase After Seeing Touchscreen Kiosk

This is perhaps one of the most amazing figures about touchscreen kiosks. Folks are often not aware of how powerful and how effective digital signage can have because of how obvious it is. But the fact that the majority of patrons make a purchase decision after seeing a touchscreen kiosk should convince you that they’re having a candid impact on buyer choices.

76% of Consumers Visit a Store Because of Digital Signage

Not only that but it has also been revealed that 76% of patrons have entered a store after seeing touchscreen kiosks. This means that you could use digital signage to attract the attention of passers buys and surge foot traffic in your location. From then on, you can use digital screens to let them know about current and future sales.

Touch Kiosks Increases Patron Satisfaction by 46%

Another figure that might shock you is the effect of digital signage on shopper satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is really important if you want to build a loyal following and get repeat business, and touchscreen kiosks could help you get there. As a matter of fact, it has been found that digital signage and touchscreen kiosks could grow the number of repeat consumers by over 30%.

Touchscreen Kiosk Reduces Observed Wait Time and Increases Queue Management by 35%

Another motive why digital signage seems to have such a deep effect on buyer satisfaction is its outcome on queue management. Being able to decrease wait times and make the checkout procedure as seamless as possible to customers is extremely key, and digital signage can be used to instruct customers and create a better movement. Touch Kiosks are one of the most powerful digital tools that you can use either to grow sales in your store or attract new business. So, if you haven’t thought about using it by now, we suggest you speak with our techs right now and ask as many questions as you can think of.