Find out the 4 reasons why you should rent a trade show photo booth for your next get-together. The status of trade show photo booth rentals has gone through the roof in the last few years. It seems like they would be vanishing out because we have tools like Instagram and Tik-Tok in the palms of our hands. But the reverse is in fact true. [caption id="attachment_8038" align="alignnone" width="640"]Popshap event kiosks and photobooth software[/caption] More individuals search for photo booths than they do for any other lead generation tool. If you go to any trade show marketing website, you’ll see loads of recommendations for booths available to you. So why the rage? THEY’RE REASONABLE You have heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But check the pricing of trade show photo booths and see for yourself. You’re usually charged by the hour, so you can decide to have a photo booth at the event for only part of the show if you’re on a tight budget. Photo booth prices run lower than most other entertainment choices that you might be considering. They are usually even lower than getting real photographers. THEY ARE GOOD FOR ANY EVENT When you think of photo booths, your attention might go to weddings. But they’re fitting and add fun at just about every event you can think of. Got a trade show coming up? Add a photo booth. Graduation, baby shower, birthday? A photo booth works great for them all and more. THEY DON’T ADD MORE WORK TO YOUR PLATE If you’re planning on attending a trade show, you know firsthand that arranging a show takes a lot of work. If you choose to add a trade show photo booth as entertainment, you’re not adding more work to your list of responsibilities. Our company will come to set up and clean up without you having to do any of the extra work. A staff member stays at the booth for the totality of the event to make sure everything runs smooth and your visitors have the best possible experience they can. You don’t have to fear anything when you rent a photo booth from Popshap! THEY’RE TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE If you’re concerned about finding the right entertainment that fits into the theme of your trade show booth, look no further. Trade show photo booths can be customized to fit any possible show or booth theme you’ve come up with. You can brand the borders and the colors on your photo strips. This gives your trade show booth a personal touch that folks will carry with them long after the event is over. Taking the speculation out of your trade show will make it a less nerve-wracking experience for you. A photo booth rental company like us with this much experience will let you exhale easily while visitors capture priceless memories.