Touch Screen Rentals: Why Booking in Advance is Key to a Successful Event

In the world of trade shows, touch screen rentals play an essential role in creating a lasting impression on attendees. Whether it's a video wall showcasing your latest products, a live stream of your presentation, or an interactive touchscreen display, the right AV and digital signage can make all the difference. However, planning for a successful trade show can be stressful and overwhelming. That's why at Popshap, we stress the importance of booking in advance for trade shows. 

Of course, Popshap makes every effort to accommodate last minute requests, and many times we are the only vendor able to do so as our touch screen rentals are our own product - we are not contracting with other companies in an attempt to offer a broader range of AV inventory. We hope you take the time to read on to discover the many benefits of booking in advance with Popshap, particularly gaining the time line needed to work with one of our team strategists to create a truly stunning solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for hardware and touch screen content creation.

Touch Screen Rental Availability

When it comes to touch screen rentals for your trade show, booking in advance is crucial to ensure you get the hardware you need. At Popshap, we have warehouse locations all across the US, so in most cases, we can provide the necessary equipment quickly. However, in certain circumstances, we may need to ship the touch screen rentals to another location, which requires time to arrange. By allowing an adequate amount of time before the show, you can avoid any unexpected issues and ensure that your equipment is available. 

Touch Screen Content Creation

Popshap uniquely provides both the hardware for your touch screen rental, plus touch screen content creation from our software development team. Our team can create branded content that is specific to your needs, helping you showcase your products, generate leads, and provide valuable company information.

Booking in advance is important to ensure you have enough time to work with our team on the touch screen content creation that will both help you meet your trade show objectives and fit your overall exhibit design. By booking early, you can take advantage of our expertise to create a solution that sets you apart from the competition.

Touch Screen Rental Troubleshooting and Setup

One of the key reasons for booking ahead is to ensure that all touch screen rentals fit seamlessly with your exhibit or event space. This is particularly important if you are also looking for an LED wall. By providing us with the correct dimensions in advance, we can make sure that the resolution is correct and troubleshoot any potential issues in our warehouse before we arrive at your event location. This ensures that all touch screen content and rentals are running correctly so that the setup process will go seamlessly.

Custom Touch Screen Solutions

Popshap is a fully integrated manufacturer of custom touch screen solutions - designing, engineering, fabricating, constructing, deploying and supporting our own products. This allows for multiple levels of customization given the opportunity and time to ideate an ideal concept to best support your upcoming events and initiatives. Many clients are not even aware of the many options available to them within our own product line. To better understand what we mean by custom touch screen solutions, we recommend taking a look at our product catalog.

At the most basic level of customization, consider one of Popshap’s most popular touch screen rentals, the 49-inch touchscreen kiosk. It is available in white (standard) or black, or it can be branded with a full vinyl wrap in any color. Booking ahead gives you this aesthetic choice that your desired color is available or that your vinyl wrap is designed, printed and applied in time for your event to your satisfaction.

Additionally, your touch screen rental could be transformed into a custom touch screen solution with hardware components such as a built-in printer or camera, or a fingerprint scanner or credit card reader. Booking ahead allows you to utilize a product such as the 49-inch touchscreen kiosk for a variety or uses beyond displaying content.

For applications that may require a fully customized hardware product built completely to your specifications, we recommend not just a touch screen rental, but the purchase of your own custom touch screen solution through our sales and R&D teams.

In conclusion, booking your touch screen rentals in advance with Popshap is essential for anyone looking to make a big impact at trade shows. By guaranteeing availability, offering customization, and giving us the time to prepare, we can help ensure that your next trade show is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our touch screen rentals and how we can help elevate your next trade show experience.