Do Touch Tables Offer a Better Customer Experience?

When it comes to touch tables, most people imagine a large display that showcases cheerful, colorful digital content. Most do not think of touch tables. The reason for this is that most folks view touch tables as more tablets that are essentially consumer electronic devices. On the other hand, in many cases, touch tables can deliver excellent customer experiences for every business — they offer a variety of tailored content, as well as awareness and analytics. While personal tablets are regularly limited in size, commercial touch tables can range considerably in size, which offers an unlimited amount of flexibility. In businesses that have restricted spacing such as retail stores, smaller touch tables can also be integrated into portions of furniture or into remaining shelving. Larger touch screen tables can be used as more traditional displays, while also delivering the abilities of a commercial tablet, such as custom applications, interactive digital content via touch, as well as the capability to gather information and insights via supplementary sensor technology. It's also vital that technology providers provide alternatives besides touchscreens, for example, QR codes or controlling content from the users' own phones. All through the pandemic, our staff has been building interactive solutions and looking for ways to craft meaningful customer experiences with all-in-one touch tables being a large part of the answer. Putting data at a customer's fingertips as well as using their own devices to interact with the display or easily communicate in real-time with a company’s staff. Stuff-like curbside pickup and ordering queues work really well with this blend of tablets in conjunction with a customer's mobile device. It’s great that we don't have to think of answers, or hardware and platforms as a hammer because then every use case looks like a nail. Instead, our interactive solutions are developed where clients can build and test them from scratch. Having the capability to provide the design and manufacturing all the way through to peripherals and software, opens up a huge opportunity when a client has a unique situation.