Is Touchless Technology The Future of the Self-Service Industry?

If there is any technology that is making huge waves in 2021 already, it's interactive, and it's touchless technology. From motion control to virtual keyboards, these individual tech solutions have assisted retailers, healthcare facilities and other companies adjust to the demands of pandemics. What’s interesting is… Touchless can expand into many different types of digital and interactive solutions, which can differ from simple proximity sensors to more multifaceted technology. Touchless Technology There is a unique selection of touchless answers out there today. These touchless solutions can range from difficult scenarios with extreme technology that include facial recognition. To a simple and user-friendly method that consists of a selection of proximity sensors, motion sensors, or infrared touchless LED switches. We even offer touchless solutions that allow you to use your own mobile phone to safely control everything from surveys to check-ins and an interactive digital display. Furthermore, companies can also convert their interactive display screens into touchless solutions through a variety of approaches. For instance, a manager could connect an interactive player to a touchless module with a range of sensors. Another route is to turn a touch screen kiosk into a touchless screen. It’s easy really, just use a touchscreen's USB port and connect it to any compatible interactive digital signage player. Add in our digital software that permits custom campaigns to be designed with the ability for an end-user to use their own cellphone as the control point and navigation device for the touchscreen. When it comes to specific pain points in the business, such as consumer aversion to download apps to interact with kiosks and displays, is actually easy to overcome. Many would argue that consumers will keep some of their uneasiness with touchscreens even after the pandemic, and as such, touchless technology will continue to be in high demand. It’s by far a safer way overall to interact with a business. We evolve digital solutions to solve pain points! We are already seeing a sturdy and mandated demand for touchless answers in almost every industry. We believe that touchless technology will likely become part of a greater ecosystem that offers safer interactive solutions to every environment.