Optimize your trade show experience

Our powerful interactive technology solutions help support the success of your entire trade show experience, from onsite lead capture to interactive games, and digitally enhanced sales pitches. From customized photo booths and interactive exhibit hall maps to gamification, real-time lead tracking, and appointment scheduling, your trade show kiosk from Popshap has everything you need to surprise and delight your guests, exhibitors, and vendors. Whether you’re a brand looking to add a sales pipeline or a trade show planner, Popshap provides actionable insights to better prove and deliver event ROI.

Interactive Kiosk to generate leads - Popshap

The Popshap Process

Trade show touch screen - Popshap

Getting The Most Out Of Your Trade Show Experience

Allow event attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to connect with each other throughout your event.

Give attendees easy entrée to key event info, live and upcoming sessions, surveys, and more with dynamic interactive software and Trade show kiosk rentals.

Provide safe and high-quality live stream and video-on-demand meetings with interactive tools like audience Q+A and upvoting.

Build community with sales appointments and lead generation tools powered by best-in-class technology.

Demonstrate and improve the value of your trade show experience. Our technology, data, and support allow you to schedule appointments, regularly capture leads, and enhance trade show engagement and follow-ups.

One Partner To Bring Your Best Event Experience To Life

Built to scale, our intelligent trade show bundles create tailored attendee experiences for events large or small. We offer three different types of trade show bundles for your convenience.

  • Basic Bundle

Customized Photo Booth, CMS, Display Products & Demos, Play Videos, Showcase Website, Upload Brochures, and PDFs.

  • Starter Bundle

Interactive Games, Live Stream Capabilities, Lead Generation Funnels, Surveys, and Polls.

  • Premier Bundle

Create Tailored Sponsorships, Go Virtual, Customized Content

Not exactly sure what type of trade show kiosk rental or software that you need? No problem. We know interactive technology can be confusing. We’re standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you cross this one off your marketing list.

Trade show digital signage - Popshap

Digital Experiences Driving Engagement

During an era when brands are racing to turn their physical events into digital experiences, companies are discovering that not only are trade show kiosk rentals driving more engagement and lead generation, they can also help drive long-term marketing success too. Content from your current digital marketing efforts can be reused and repurposed onto trade show kiosks or digital signage to build impactful experiences for attendees across the trade show floor.

Bringing brand awareness to your trade show is where we shine. We work closely with our clients to help them build a truly unforgettable experience.