How Trade Show Organizers Are Taking Advantage of Interactive Digital Technology in 2022

Trade Shows, most organizers, and managers know. They’re often the most demanding and hectic marketing events. They cost a considerable investment in time, money, and assets, which puts a lot of pressure on the marketing team to showcase your brand’s products or services and capitalize on your ROI. Without further ado here are a few innovative ways we help trade show organizers take advantage of interactive digital technology. forgetting your digital signage up to snuff at a trade show.

  • Save Cash by Increasing Productivity

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right? Trade shows require an investment to eventually extend your brand, meet new potential customers, and drive revenue for your brand. Your trade show budget clearly should make you contemplate with extra attention what is and what is not worth an investment centered on your business objectives. By using interactive digital technology, you save both time and money. Printing new signage means throwing money into project managing, design, printing, shipping, and more. But, since digital signage can be updated via a content management system in real-time, the idea of printing new signage each time for new content seems pretty outdated. Plus, most research shows that you see a 30% savings in costs within a year of applying digital signage! Interactive digital technology allows you to develop and apply all of your content ideas as they come to you with only your investment in software licenses (and one-time hardware costs of course).

  • Increase Target Audience Awareness and Engagement

Using interactive digital technology as part of your trade show marketing approach helps you engage with attendees before they even step foot in your venue. This is vital for success at conventions because every business is fighting for attendees’ consideration at once. We’ve walked the world with static imagery for a long time now. Posters, flyers, banners… these all work, but a study shows that individuals respond better to marketing tactics that are new and exhilarating. For a limited time, we are offering early bird rates for 2022 trade show digital signage. If you are an exhibitor or trade show organizer and are interested in interactive technology. Let’s chat, click here.