EXHIBITORLIVE Trade Show LED Video Wall Debuts Popshap’s Forced Perspective 3D Content Capabilities

Popshap is excited to officially reveal our latest service offering - forced perspective 3D content - launched live last week on our own trade show LED video wall at the EXHIBITORLIVE 2023 event. Perhaps you have seen these eye-catching visual illusions on 3D digital billboards, with videos of many of these advertisements going viral on social media and video sharing sites. The same technology is now available to trade show exhibitors and other Popshap digital signage customers through a 3D immersive experience package, including both the trade show LED video wall rental and content development services.

Forced Perspective 3D Content

You may be asking yourself, what does forced perspective mean? And what does it mean in relation to content for my trade show LED video wall? Forced perspective is the technique of using scaled objects viewed from specific vantage points to create an optical illusion. This allows objects to appear larger or smaller, or closer or farther away than they actually are. As a special effect, forced perspective is used in photography, filmmaking and other arts, although specifically for digital signage, it is used to create the illusion of 3D visuals on a flat 2D screen. In a word, forced perspective 3D content is the wow-factor many exhibitors and marketers are looking for in their visuals.

3D Content for Trade Show LED Video Wall

The experience is paramount to the success of trade shows and corporate events. It is the reason why companies, their employees, marketers and attendees gather - and continue to gather, regardless of the challenges. That’s why 3D content for trade show LED video walls is such a powerful new tool; it allows Popshap’s content creators and their clients to test the boundaries of creativity to deliver experiences previously thought unimaginable.

On our own live demonstration of 3D content for a trade show LED video wall, Popshap wanted to convey the ability these visuals have to transport the viewer - both into fantasy or reality, represented by two different visuals. First, A tree buzzing with surrounding alighted fireflies appears to project out from the corner of two video walls in 3D. This seemingly magical natural scene continues for about :15 seconds before the tree appears to get pulled into a sliding door. Immediately after, a 3D rendering of Popshap’s leading product, the interactive standing touch kiosk, seems to rise up from the floor.

Custom Content Creation for Events

It’s no coincidence that Popshap demonstrated our forced perspective 3D content capabilities for the first time at EXHIBITORLIVE, this year taking place April 23-26, 2023, at the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC) in Louisville, KY. As the United States’ highest-attended annual event for trade show and corporate event marketers, the EXHIBITORLIVE Conference and Exhibition promised the beginning of some inspiring conversations about how to use this new custom content creation for events.

Additionally, Popshap was returning to EXHIBITORLIVE this year after being awarded “Best New Exhibitor” at the 2022 event, and we hope we didn’t disappoint! After receiving such an important accolade, we wanted to make sure that Popshap again shared something truly exceptional this year with attendees at EXHIBITORLIVE. We think the endless applications of 3D visuals in custom content creation for events IS exceptional: imagine, exhibitors in the travel industry can now actually transport us to a location, product launches can take on an extra dimension, and storytelling can now go beyond a cinematic experience.

Trade Show LED Video Wall Rentals 

Forced perspective 3D content services will be offered to Popshap customers purchasing, or contracting for trade show LED video wall rentals. If you are interested in creating an immersive experience that creates a sense of realism and heightened impact beyond traditional video, 3D content may be just what you are looking for at your next event!

The latest LED technologies allow for 3D content to be projected onto a range of screen sizes, serving a variety of applications and industries. This application can work on both single or multiple trade show LED video wall rentals. Although it is possible to achieve on an individual screen, the ideal installation is a natural 3D environment where multiple LED displays converge. This helps to create depth from a predetermined vantage point.

Some ideal instances for your trade show LED video wall rental to show 3D content:

  • Two faces of display wrapped to create an exterior corner
  • A bottom (or top) LED plane of a suspended display
  • Locations where all traffic is moving towards a single display (such as a lobby or entryway)

Touch Screen Content Creation

The capability to produce 3D video wall content joins an already robust suite of touchscreen content creation services, many of which are provided with the exhibitor or corporate event planner in mind. Popshap is unique in trade show LED video wall rentals and touch screen rentals for their provision of not only digital signage, but also our ability to design and develop content specific to the hardware and each individual client.

Our interest in innovating products has nothing to do with following a fad, rather Popshap uses new technologies with a focus on delivering significant ROI for our clients. While forced perspective 3D content definitely draws attention and is being popularized, we are most interested in the opportunities it allows for Popshap customers who have been looking for ways to provide an enhanced experience on the trade show floor or in the event space.

New Trade Show Technology for 2023

As the manufacturer of our own hardware, Popshap also uniquely stays ahead of technology innovations. Additional product introductions at the beginning of 2023 from Popshap include:

  • The Double Screen Kiosk - features a vertical monitor, and below, a horizontal touchscreen display mounted in an angled table position, both on the same self-standing unit. The two screens can be used in tandem, allowing users to navigate and interact with informational content on the lower touchscreen while bringing content into closer detail or showing related advertising/sponsorships above on the vertical monitor.
  • AI-Driven Touch Screen Kiosks - integrate conversational ChatGPT technology to offer automated services that are intuitive and personalized. They can also provide transactional services, as they are equipped with credit card readers and payment processors.
  • Flex LEDs - allow trade show LED walls to take on new dimensions, showcasing video content in a variety of shapes and over curved surfaces. No longer requiring a linear installation, the “wall” becomes much more flexible, with creative applications such as immersive LED tunnels, circular hanging video displays, and much more.
  • Hologram Fan Projectors - can display 3D images, videos, or text for a variety of purposes at trade shows, including product demonstrations, logos or branding, and visual storytelling.