3 Prominent Video Wall Tactics That Capture More Customers

Wherever a video wall goes up, without a doubt, it’s proven to be the centerpiece of attention. Folks can hardly be blamed for focusing on them though (just look at Time Square). Unbelievable visual designs at a scale that no other technology (so far) can match. No other visual technology can be scaled up to fit in an arena. No other technology can present ultra HD images at a scale large enough for an entire stadium. Naturally, they are tremendously effective for advertising, branding, and marketing purposes. What may be surprising is that they are also excellent at relaying information and broadcasting all kinds of other important messages in real-time.
Since a video wall is always a focal point of any space, pedestrians and customers alike can’t help themselves – the benefits should be evident. Business and venue owners can clearly control this to their advantage. And speaking of benefits, there are many that come with video wall technology, and a comprehensive list could go on forever. These are the highlights: Ready for entertainment - Entertainment and video walls are a brilliant combination, specifically because of the aforementioned eye-catching factor. Thinking outside the box can get really take you places when it comes to entertainment. Using video walls in an artistic and entertaining way can grab attention and kindle curiosity in every viewer. Interact with customers - A Video wall is even more persuasive when it can be interacted with. Luckily, it’s a common addition to new video walls and can greatly increase the installation’s engagement. Individuals can use video walls to navigate around a building, check event or travel schedules, scrub through a carousel of images or products, or make a payment. Interactive video walls are popular centerpieces in art installations and can improve branding without feeling unwelcome. Less maintenance – A video wall may look like technology that requires continuous babysitting, but they require less maintenance than those old projectors we used to use in school. A video wall usually relies on highly resourceful and consistent light engine technology like LEDs. As a result, video walls need almost no maintenance, even after years of operation. Looks contemporary and innovative – The image quality and the installation itself will instantly increase the look and feel of any business. And for nearly everyone, video walls look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Because they are built and arranged with no bezels they look impossibly clean and streamlined. There’s no hunk of metal hanging from the ceiling, either. Video walls are acts of engineering and design, capable of capturing eyes wherever they’re placed. And given their striking versatility and functionality, there’s no reason to go with anything else.