Digital Posters For Retail

What value do digital posters add that static pictures don’t?

In any retail store, you will use some form of advertising to broadcast on-going deals and featured merchandise. That being the case, I’m going to gear this article to address one seemingly innocent question: What value do digital posters add that static pictures don’t?

This question is an area which people have studied and tried to figure out since the development of moving pictures. The eye is always searching for stimulation, a change in scenery. Most in-store advertisements are static images hung up on the wall of the shop. This isn’t very intriguing for the customers and they will likely pass it by.

Dynamic Digital Posters

With the technology that operates Popshap’s digital poster kiosks, you can upgrade your retail store location tenfold. Our high definition digital displays provide dynamic imagery that will make your product pop. Additionally, why use up precious space on extra inventory when you can use the digital poster to showcase items that you may not have room for up front!

digital poster kiosk

With this impressive piece of machinery, you don’t have to choose one image over the other; you can display both! In addition to rotating slideshow of eye-catching pictures, our digital posters can also display video clip content, to allow for an even more engaging experience.

Why settle for less, when you can have more . . . for less!