32 Inch TouchScreen Kiosk

Popshap’s 32 Inch touchscreen kiosk is the #1 in America.

This 32 inch touchscreen kiosk is versatile due to its small footprint.

Our self-service touchscreen kiosk provides high-speed protected access and temperature verification abilities designed to help safeguard the health and the safety of both employees and guests.

The unit comes with a double-sided screen and it is easy to mobilize. (wheels can be added on demand)

Interactive Kiosks Features: Easily Generate Leads, Empower Users with Self-Services Options, Create Customized Consumer-Centric Experiences, The Ultimate Payment Solution 

Best usage: E-commerce, small events & venues. 

32 inch standing touchscreen kiosk

Turn Your Brand into a Digital Tool.

Popshap was designed by technology professionals. As a result, our 32 inch touchscreen kiosk is easy to set up and simple to use-your staff will pick it up in a matter of minutes. And as part of your setup service, Popshap can migrate your existing user data to your new touch screen kiosk so you don’t miss a step. This 32 inch touchscreen kiosk can be customized by color and can have your logo on it to fit in with your branding guidelines.

Also, the smooth flow of the purchase process on the interactive kiosk interface puts your customers in the right state of mind to enjoy your facilities and events.

Trade Show Touch Kiosk Rentals

Trade Show Touchscreen Kiosk Rentals

Popshap includes a complete set of modules on our 32 inch interactive touch kiosks to run your event professionally including ticketing, point of sale, e-commerce, content management, event management, interactive games, lead generation tools, & marketing forms, guest portal, and much more.

Do away with the hassle and headaches of multiple software programs and devices. Our interactive touchscreen kiosks provide utility and entertainment for any occasion and purpose. With the help of our excellent development team, these touch kiosks will blow your event away!

Enhance your event and entertain your guests.

With the help of our excellent development team, these digital tables will blow your event away!