Popshap at Biogas Americas - Digital Displays for Engaging Experiences

May 16- 18,2023. Chicago, IL.

monitor with stand


From May 16th to 18th, 2023, PopShap had the honor of providing digital displays for three outstanding companies at the Biogas Americas event in Chicago, IL. These interactive displays elevated the experience for attendees, showcasing important information, videos, and engaging activities to generate leads and create a memorable impression. Let's dive into the highlights!

32 inch touchscreen kiosk


First up, Fiftec For Environmental Technologies, Inc. benefited from our 32" Touchscreen Kiosk in a sleek white design. The integrated software we provided offered a wide range of features, including a PDF section with crucial company information, an entertaining wheel of fortune to win exciting swag prizes, and a lead generation tool for Fiftec. Additionally, an iframe showcased their website, ensuring visitors had a comprehensive understanding of their offerings.

mounted monitor


Next, we assisted UBE America, Inc. with a 46" Non-Touchscreen Monitor mounted on a wall bracket. This setup proved ideal for displaying impactful videos and captivating marketing content. With vibrant visuals, UBE America, Inc. effectively captured the attention of event attendees, leaving a lasting impression. Lastly, we provided Vilter with a 55" Non-Touchscreen Monitor accompanied by a sleek stand. This setup allowed Vilter to showcase company videos and other engaging marketing content in a visually stunning manner. With this digital display, Vilter effectively conveyed its brand message and attracted the attention of event participants.