Benefits of Video Walls for Digital Signage

Why Video Walls? Asking how you can engage more people with digital signage? Well, video walls are your solution. They are the center of attention and highly memorable, this incredible form of technology is quickly becoming the best solution for digital signage. Industries are constantly looking for eye-catching and innovative ways of sending clear messages to their customers and audiences. Video walls are designed to be entertaining and grab the audience's attention. They are made up of multiple large screens placed together to create one large display. Depending on the software used each screen can have its own content or they can all act as one large screen. Digital Signage How can video walls be used in businesses? The great thing about video walls is that they have multipurpose qualities, for example, we’ve seen them being used at sports events for digital signage. Video Walls can also be used at museums, control rooms, and conference rooms. These are great examples of how digital signage is used for everyday businesses. They can be set up to mirror computers and laptops with remotes for presentations and events. Hospitals are also a great place for video walls to be used, they are a great way to provide information patients need and can be controlled easily. [video width="832" height="464" mp4=""][/video] Benefits Improve customer experience These great attention-grabbing displays are great for decreasing perceived waiting times and provide entertainment. Branding and increase sales Video walls are hard to miss due to their size and can target all types of audiences. Retail is a great place for this type of digital signage and can alert customers of new products and deals. Completely customizable and easy to install The flexibility and customization make video walls a great purchase for many industries, they can be structures to fit a given space and even curved if needed. Different content can be displayed on the screens at different times and have real-time marketing features. To win big sometimes you have to go big. With the largest display, we have to offer there's no doubt you'll be turning heads at your next event. Brand awareness, bringing in a crowd, this not-so-boring wall will do the trick!