Popshap's Interactive Kiosks for Google Events

Discover how Popshap revolutionized Google's internal events with interactive kiosks and custom software.

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Maximizing Attendee Engagement

Popshap's digital kiosks and interactive software revolutionized attendee engagement at Google's events, providing immersive experiences that captivated audiences and strengthened brand connections.

Boosting Brand Visibility

Through visually striking content and interactive experiences delivered by Popshap's technology solutions, Google's brand presence soared, ensuring increased recognition and visibility among event attendees.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Audiences

Through close collaboration with Google, Popshap seamlessly integrated with each event's theme, catering to specific needs and ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees.

Overview of Kiosk Deployment

Total Number of Kiosks Used:

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Google, a multinational technology company renowned for its search engine and cloud computing services, regularly hosts internal events to showcase its products and services, connect and educate employees, and foster innovation within the industry. With a diverse range of events spanning different states, Google sought to elevate attendee engagement and create memorable experiences through interactive technology solutions. Popshap, a leading provider of interactive kiosks kiosks and custom interactive software solutions, collaborated with Google to revolutionize their internal event experiences. By deploying touchscreen kiosks and interactive content, Popshap empowered Google to engage attendees effectively and achieve their event objectives in unprecedented ways.

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In order to make these Google Events what we call "Beyond Interactive", Popshap rose to the challenge by deploying interactive kiosks equipped with custom software. Keeping Google's branding at the forefront, we adorned the kiosks with vinyl logos to add an extra touch of personalization and ensured the software was fully aligned with Google's branding. We also customized our matching game, adding an extra layer of excitement to the interactive kiosks.

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These interactive kiosks became focal points of engagement, offering attendees immersive experiences that effectively showcased Google's solutions in captivating ways. Through our partnership, Google successfully integrated interactive kiosks to boost attendee engagement and gain valuable data insights. Popshap looks forward to continuing our partnership providing tailored technology solutions that drive success and leave a lasting impact on event attendees.