Digital Posters

It’s like a poster, actually, it’s like many posters. Digital posters include dynamic signage that you can edit your own pictures for and it will scroll through them all, at a pace you choose.

The sleek design of the touch screen kiosk makes it perfectly suitable for any professional environment. A few set-up features consist of time and date scheduling, facial recognition, lead generation, and real-time notifications.

Digital posters and touchscreens aren’t used strictly by consumers; many brands use them as well. From retail stores and restaurants to manufacturing companies and financial services companies, countless businesses now use touchscreens and digital posters in their day-to-day operations.

If you’re a business owner, you should consider incorporating self-service technology into your workplace.

Display Size (Inch)

43 / 49 / 55 / 65

Panel Type

Samsung / LG

Brightness (cd/㎡)

350 / 700


1080 * 1920

Operating System

Android / Windows / Standalone / Driver Board

Storage Capacity

Android – 2 + 8G, Windows – 4G SSD 64-256G HHD 32D/500G

Shell Material

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Switch Power

AC 100V – 240V

Customize Your Kiosk

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  • Black


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