3 Examples of Smart Content for Your Digital Display

When it comes to making your digital display look good, it almost always comes down to the type of content you showcase. Bad digital content can make even the glossiest of screens look dated whereas creative content can bring even the oldest of digital display screens to life. It’s the digital content that will feed your customer’s reactions. It’s the videos, creative images, and social media experiences that they’ll remember. Now if you’re thinking “but I don’t know what type of content to show” then it’s time for us to give you an explosion of motivation. With 3 examples of digital display signage content, all totally attainable, that you can use as an impression bank, for when you need new digital signage strategies. Touch screen kiosk displayCustomer Reviews

Do you know who might do an even better job of selling your brand than your staff? Your customers. If you have pleased consumers leaving you a review via Google, or Facebook, put them up onto your digital display screen and share them with other consumers. Not only does this give a signal of thanks, but it increases the likelihood of getting future reviews (and therefore future customers) too.

Video content

Video is the textbook digital content form for kiosks, and digital signage, given that it’s typically already screen-ready in 16:9 format. A video that you could put on your digital display signage could be your sale pitch, a new launch video, or a customer testimonial talking about how great you are. All are great pieces of digital content and can effortlessly be added to your screen playlist, either by direct upload or through an app. Your customers are 10x more likely to see dynamic digital signage content than static messages or images. This makes a video about as essential as ice cream on a hot day.

Social media

Some of the best digital signage displays are born out of marketing efforts that have already been expended somewhere else. The most apparent is social media. If you devote your efforts to social media, why not use it to bring your digital signage to life too? Social media is a rich way to bring social proof, product statistics, and the latest news into your physical setting. It helps couple your online status with your offline one, building reliability and helping consumers to see where they can find you once they leave.

Get Going

Now that you have a few ideas about how to create digital content and how simple it is to get it up on your screen it’s time to get in full swing.