How to Find the Most Profitable Locations for Your Touch Kiosks

Anyone who owns an interactive touch kiosk knows how vital it is to put these prized assets in locations that will harvest the best return. But how do you decide where these "best places" will be? It is not as stress-free as choosing high-traffic sites, because if that traffic does not match well with your target customers, you will just have a lot of folks walking right past your touch kiosk. Building a viable location space specifically for your touch kiosk type is important to capitalize on revenue per touch kiosk and achieve a faster return on your investment. It doesn't matter if you are just beginning or you already have touch kiosks in place. Either way, this blog will help you ensure your interactive kiosk is as productive as imaginable. So, where do you begin? You begin with what you know and what you have. If you already have touchscreen kiosks in the market, you have real performance data and you have a working infrastructure. Consolidate the following data:

  • Which touch kiosks are performing the best and the worst? What do those places have in common with each other?
  • Did some interactive kiosks take longer to ramp up? Why?
  • Are any kiosks unsuccessful? Why?
  • How far apart do your touch kiosks need to be to offer good operational density while not cannibalizing each other?

This data gives you a starting point. You have a feel for what is functioning and what is not. You also have operational geography to construct out from. Guidelines for beginners But what if you have not placed any touchscreen kiosks yet — in this case, start with answers to the following inquiries:

  • What type of goods or services are you vending?
  • Who is your target market — demographics, behavior traits, etc.?
  • Which section of your target audience will be involved in securing your product or service via a physical kiosk?
  • How often will your touch kiosks need to be serviced/replenished? Who will be doing that work?

Then, you'll need to layer on other statistics to help you narrow down all the possible placement choices for your interactive touchscreen kiosks. Recognizing the best touch kiosk locations is key to your overall ROI achievement. It is imperative to take the time to do the essential research before committing to a place and expanding your network. Think about each potential site from your perspective as the business and from the point of view of your customer. A knowledgeable business location tactic will guarantee you find the best and most profitable place for every one of your touch kiosks, freeing you to quickly grow your business with self-confidence.