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Product Overview

The world has been fighting with the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, and it has taken everyone by storm. The situation is grim and changing rapidly. America is also hit by this pandemic and changed the lives of everyone. We are all in this together and must help each other as well as the government to keep the spread of this disease to a minimum.

In a working environment where different people come tooffices for their job, it is challenging to monitor everyone’s health or symptoms related to COVID 19. If we do the screening manually, it will waste a lot of precious time as well as risk to the transfer of COVID 19 to the person screening everyone. The best way is to monitor everyone with the help of thermal imaging, detecting everyone’s’ body temperature. COVID-19 Fever-Sensor Kiosk is the device to replace the man at the door screening everyone. It is designed to screen everyone quickly and efficiently and keep track of everyone’s body temperature. The data can easily be accessed through this amazing COVID 19kiosk. If someone has a fever, the COVID-19 Fever-Sensor Kiosk can easily detect it.

This COVID 19 kiosk has vast application areas whether it be schools, colleges, universities, offices, apartment buildings, grocery stores, marts, airports, railway stations, subway stations ports, and any public facilities, almost everyone can benefit from this. It is the best way to keep everyone safe, reduce the risk, and build trust in customers or employees to come back to work as everyone is afraid in this pandemic. This product is one of the best protective measures against COVID 19 that can bring the American people back to normal life.