HITEC 2018

HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition Conference) happens all over the world. HITEC 2018 will be taking place in Houston on June 18th to the 21st.  Each year innovators in the hospitality industry come together to share the latest technological advances. At the conferences, world-leading experts discuss upcoming trends and integral solutions to issues currently plaguing the industry. Hospitality kiosk Hospitality kiosks can not only provide solutions to actual hospitality problems but also HITEC conference problems.

HITEC Kiosks

At the conference, many different companies are trying to attract clients with eye-catching technology. How better to educate the audience about technological advances in the industry than on a custom display touchscreen kiosk? That's on an aside from the classical applications of having trade show kiosks like capturing client data, and clients themselves. Hotels continuously try to provide a more homey experience, while eliminating the parts of living that we would rather other people do for us. A hospitality kiosk provides a platform to discuss, engage, and transmit relevant means to that end. In your own house, you don’t have to wait in line for anything and you don’t have to wait to check-in. An interactive kiosk provides easy-to-navigate answers to all problems that require simple assistance.

Hospitality Kiosk Solutions

hospitality kiosk popshap Going to the concierge every time you need something may become inconvenient. All the inconveniences that potentially arise from the client perspective to the business perspective are trying to be addressed at this conference. But at the conference how do you convince clients that your technology will prove to be effective? Aside from of course actually having valuable content, it must be presented on a technologically savvy platform. This year at the HITEC take a broader approach to gather client data and showing the floor the power of your hospitality technology. Capitalize on a hospitality kiosk to present relevant technology solutions to a national audience of interested professionals.