How Tech Can Be Used in Hospitals to Manage Risk During Uncertain Times

While the pandemic has underscored challenges many hospitals across the U.S. were already facing due to resource limitations. COVID has also presented a chance to find tech solutions that will keep more people safe and drive the best engagement levels from patients.

Technology can be installed to make an instantaneous impact on Hospitals Across America

Care teams were mobilized and clinical workflows automated in record time to address some of the systemic issues frustrated by the pandemic. In several instances our company played a role in, self-service technologies were deployed in days to help increase the effectiveness and precision of patient admissions and diagnostic actions, ease supplies shortages, and notify treatment results. From these experiences, we’ve understood ways in which the healthcare community can use technology to improve the management of its staff, patients, assets, and facilities: Staff management Any type of incident that impacts a large percent of the population could affect hospital capability and strain resources: natural disasters, workplace accidents, seasonal flu, and even a growing population. Contactless kiosk check-ins allow for real-time communication and cooperation with staff via text, voice or other data-sharing tools helps “magnify” staffing without requiring a larger physical presence in each facility. Patient management Allowing patients to self-check-in upon admission ensures positive identification and alerts staff upon check-in. It can also help patients with updates, important messages, wayfinding, and more. Take advantage of self-service and interactive technology for local hospitals. As time has evolved, the industry has streamlined tech operations with tools such as cloud deployment, standardized workflows, and applications. The path to adopting some of these new technologies such as a digital kiosk may not be as tough as public hospital leaders think. If your healthcare system already uses digital solutions, you may just need to scale your interactive solutions to expand their applicability to additional workflows. For those transitioning to digital or self-service solutions, be sure to update your policies and techniques to incorporate these technology tools and then make sure everyone is properly trained.