Look for alternatives to adapt to the new normal that the COVID-19 will leave

History has shown that after each difficult period, new traditions are generated, others change, and in general terms, nothing returns to the way it was before. This doesn't necessarily have to be bad if you can see beyond what is presented to you today with COVID-19 and seek to adapt to the new situations that are presenting themselves. There is no point in hiding under a rock and waiting for the storm to pass because this is not a momentary thing, the coronavirus has been a before and after in all our lives and it is necessary to find the best ways to adapt to ensure that you are not trapped in the past. A lot of businesses have been affected by this quarantine, but a solution is possible shortly. Automate disinfection procedures

COVID-19, as well as most viruses, is transmitted through contact and travels in the saliva particles of carriers or infected people. Therefore, contact between people should be kept to a minimum so that it is possible to reach a routine that is not dangerous for anyone. Both restaurants and hotels are places that receive dozens of unknown people daily, so it is not possible to establish control based on the people who arrive. For these cases, the best thing to do is to acquire a Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser Kiosk, which is nothing more than a separate dispenser that will allow people to disinfect their hands without the need to touch anything. This will considerably reduce the possibility of COVID-19 contagion. Also, by having a special area for disinfection, you will be letting your clients know that their safety is the most important thing and that you have advanced and improved your service to protect them all from this and any other disease.

It is very likely that we will not be able to return to the social contract we are used to, so it is necessary to offer all possible comforts to our clients. It is not a question of making radical changes, but of adding the tools that can truly provide solutions without generating panic or stress to your clients or patrons, because the intention is that they continue to come thru your doors.

Monitor your staff safely

Working in places where there are large concentrations of people (call offices, universities, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.) makes it very difficult to evaluate them all effectively, especially for the person who has to do the monitoring. These particular businesses and essential employees should work with an automated system that is independent of any human person who might be infected. The COVID-19 Kiosks may be the solution you are looking for, to help protect your staff and patrons that you are most concerned about. You can protect everyone who enters your company without having to risk anyone's life, and without invading the personal space of your visitors or employees. It has been difficult to adapt to the new situation we face, but there is no point in getting stuck in the past as this only separates us from progress. These moments have not been easy anywhere in the world and the best thing we can do is to maintain prevention and continue to offer truthful and timely information to each person since the greatest enemy is not a disease but ignorance. If each person is aware of the disease and how it could be a focus of infection, he or she will work towards this and protect himself or herself and others. Don't lose heart at this time

Many businesses have been affected by the coronavirus and the strong protective measures put in place, especially in quarantine areas. It is normal to feel the world coming at us. It is always important to remember that economic crises affect us all equally, but only those who are willing to do something about it can get through and stay on their feet after the storm has passed. Take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal, as well as the ones we have to offer, to face this crisis in the best possible way.