How Major Brands Monetize Self-Service Technology

Redbox, Coinstar, and Five Star Food Service all share one big goal: to monetize their self-service technology whether it's an interactive kiosk or digital signage. Leaders from the three brands, which are implementing DOOH (digital out of home) media technology, shared an understanding of their unique methods at the self-service innovation summit. Starting with programmatic DOOH. Programmatic speaks to the buying and selling of advertising through software. The tactic originally began with online display media before spreading into mobile and video networks and now traditional advertising channels containing TV and radio. Despite strong automation abilities, programmatic DOOH isn't something that's just set it and forget it. The human component, as well as a brand's media and marketing approach, both play a dynamic role when it comes to an effective programmatic campaign. When done effectively, it can deliver a new way to reach your targeted audience, connect with shoppers and increase revenue.

For us, self-service technology has always been about generating engaging and exciting consumer interaction and bringing that to life. We remove outdated digital signage and bringing in exciting concepts to boost sales and engagement.

At Redbox, the movie rental the core of what they do, but they are also focused on leveraging their kiosk screen space for ad revenue. A few years back Redbox began looking at advertising across several platforms, such as programmatic ads on the self-service kiosks, more notably the banner ad space at the top of the kiosk screen's user interface. [embed][/embed] That presented a real opportunity given the 100-million-plus impressions a month Redbox was getting. The key step was to use the influence of entertainment to advertising at the point of retail. One facet that may often be misinterpreted when it comes to DOOH is that it entails tons of internal assets and tons of individuals and a big pocket full of money. But, that's a huge fallacy. When we think about how everybody is all various phases, you can still have victory without having a huge team. You can construct on a small sort of footprint and go from there. A major key to the success of self-service technology is ensuring the DOOH effort has both the support and participation of marketing, sales, and the company's operations crew. We recommend using both a one-to-one and one-to-many ad methodology as it has both opportunities to leverage for your business. Digital signage can be used in the marketplace as that one-to-many strategy, as anyone almost anywhere in the facility can see the ad displayed. The interactive kiosk is one-to-one and you can tell when somebody is there. And that — the best of both worlds — is eventually where every brand wants to get to.