Navigating thru digital content with the new normal

As many brands are gearing to come back to work under the new normal, marketing to customers can be challenging but not impossible. A touch screen table rental might just be the solution Keep reading.

After over 3 months of closure and stores being closed to customers, getting back to business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. With the new normal in effect, brands have to adapt to social distancing as well as educating their customers on how to shop at their locations with minimal interactions with their staff and other customers. Simple things, such as trying on clothing may look different under the new normal.

When we are looking at ways to ease the shopping experience for customers, it's clear that shopping thru an online experience is the safest way. However, some customers may still want the actual browsing and in-store shopping experience. For those customers, brands will have to work hard to gain their trust, and while doing so, keep the marketing of their offering effective. We see a few main usages for digital signage, the main one being customer education and digital content around social distancing and safe shopping. The second one is allowing the customer to engage the content in a new noncontact way with QR scanning and voice-activated controls. Here at Popshap, we've added a third way to allow customers to interact with their favorite stores and businesses, by filling out a quick form before entering your location. It's a quick and easy way for your brand to monitor the information coming in, and giving your customer a feeling of security by answering a simple, easy-to-use questionnaire. For more information on this easy to use technology, visit us at

This new normal (even with an expo digital kiosk rental) and non-touch digital marketing can also lead to new opportunities for both the business and the consumer. By providing content that engages the consumer and leads to longer virtual interaction time with them, you are also capturing the customer's data and information. By utilizing something as easy as a QR code, you are allowing your customers to not only scan your QR code, you are letting them take the digital content and experience it with them wherever they go. This can lead to your customers shopping online and utilizing the custom questionnaire. With your customer receiving your email questionnaire, the customer can then provide vital information and feedback to you, which can then be used for tracking and marketing offers at a later date, engaging the user once again, and revisiting the experience with the brand.