How Popeyes Is Using Digital Signage Menus to Fight The Pandemic

We like to keep an eye on how businesses are using digital signage menus. We try to apply an acute eye to how they employ content to create a better experience for their patrons. This relates not just to digital posters or retail presentations, we also take a look at how restaurants use digital signage, and in this blog, we will be inspecting just that. Popeyes, a QSR chain focused on Cajun-style food, with more than 3,100 locations in 40 states and 30 countries. For this blog, we'll be looking at mainly how it used its indoor digital signage. When you enter a Popeyes, the first thing you’ll notice is the bright menu board position directly above the cash register. The restaurant itself was not open for seating but its indoor is open for carryout. In spite of this restraint keeping guests from sticking around, Popeyes did not spare the digital content for its inside menu board. The menu board was organized with four displays side by side. The first two presentations and the last display featured its core menu content, with the classic things, while the third display showed the present special. This by itself didn't seem that exceptional, but what came next did help it stand out. The first display would sporadically flash up an imperative safety message regarding the pandemic. Its header read, "We are glad to see you again too." This was a nice special message that acknowledged that many customers had missed going inside Popeyes to order and signified the brand's more familiar image. Below the header was some data about how the staff was handling the pandemic. It had a list of facts with small illustrations. For instance, it said Popeyes was committed to social distancing and showed a picture of two peanuts standing apart. It also said staffer were washing their hands every 30 minutes at least and had a visual of hands washing. This menu board, while modest, captured its purpose. It showed all the basic items that visitors crave, as well as the special while notifying visitors in a fast and simple way that it was taking steps to guard their employees and visitors from COVID-19. Digital signage menus do not have to be elaborate or multifaceted to get the job done. All you need is the right digital content for the right place at the right time, and Popeyes digital menu content really hit the mark in that respect. As long as digital signage unites your audience, it has done its job, no matter how compound or simple the deployment.