Popshap x ATL CBD Expo Recap: Interactive Technology Stole The Show!

On June 10th we flew a team down to Atlanta to set up interactive technology for the CBD Expo which is the largest CBD and hemp show in the country! This year would be no different. Out of all of the trade show that we have been to so far, this one by far had the best turnout of the year. Our job was to provide remarkable interactive digital signage throughout the event. This gave attendees and exhibitors the ability to do a variety of different things but most importantly provide interactive information. Popshap was able to incorporate the customized software to design a layout for all the information vendors and attendees needed. It entailed four categories, Agenda, Speakers, Navigation, as well as Show Specials. When attendees clicked on Agenda, they got to view all the CBD expo’s events with times and locations. The Speakers tab included all of the guest speakers, with a brief description of them and when they are speaking. The navigation category was called “Find Your Way” which helped attendees view exactly where exhibitor’s booths were located as well as their logos and a map of the show floor. The last tab, Show Specials informed people of all the deals and discounts for the brand’s products. interactive technology Interactive kiosks have shown to be a great asset for many brands at trade shows, two exhibitors which were clients of ours proved this to be true.

  • Both rented our 49-inch white interactive kiosks to display facts about their brand and products for attendees. People at the booth were able to follow the brand’s social media and engage in games and activities. One of the most popular games was the wheel of fortune, Popshap software allowed attendees to add their emails and spin the wheel to win a prize. This interactive game was a great way to attract individuals to the booth, start a conversation, and generate leads. Our photo booth software was another engaging activity that was displayed on the interactive technology. This provided guests with an interactive way to make long-lasting memories with permanent images. Adding this interactive technology to the trade show booth allowed them each to generate over 1,000 leads. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWUW_Rn9fp8[/embed]  A Few Significant Event Features for The USA CBD Expo in AtlantaWayfinding
  • Our interactive technology came with wayfinding features to help exhibitors and visitors navigate the trade show floor easily. An event filled with so many people it’s bound to get confusing, our software displayed a map of the floor along with the exhibitors’ booths and their logos. Two of our interactive kiosks also included charging stations, with cords that were compatible with all mobile phone devices.
  • Agenda
  • With our interactive kiosk’s people were able to easily find out what significant events were coming up and where they would be held, by simply pressing the agenda tab.
  • Self-Service Technology
  • The organizers at this event were looking for solutions cut down on person-to-person interactions at the entrances of the show. Our body temperature kiosks and face mask recognition software allowed guests to do a self-check-in that was quick and efficient while reducing the danger of spreading illnesses and viruses among attendees.