International Telecoms Week 2024 (ITW)

May 14-17, 2024. National Harbor, MD

video wall
monitor on stand
digital signage
touchscreen table kiosk wayfinding


At the ITW event, Popshap went above and beyond in providing show management and exhibitors with state-of-the-art interactive digital signage. For ITW show management, Popshap supplied four 49-inch touchscreen tables, complete with customized vinyl logos, and interactive software. This software featured essential functionalities such as wayfinding, an exhibitor list, sponsors, and a full event schedule, ensuring attendees had a seamless and engaging experience navigating the show.

mounted monitor


In addition to supporting show management, Popshap extended its interactive digital signage solutions to various exhibitors, enhancing their booth presentations and audience engagement. Notable companies like Hilco IP Services, Charter, Zeebu, Axtel, and Windstream benefited from Popshap’s innovative technology. The diverse range of digital signage provided included one 49-inch standing kiosk, one 49-inch table kiosk, one impressive LED wall, and seven strategically placed monitors. These installations not only attracted attention but also facilitated interactive and informative experiences for visitors.

LED video wall


Zeebu's booth particularly stood out, with an LED wall serving as a striking backdrop, showcasing their brand and offerings dynamically. The integration of mounted and stand-mounted monitors across the event ensured that digital content was easily accessible and highly visible. Popshap's comprehensive deployment of interactive digital signage transformed the ITW event into a digitally immersive environment, setting a new standard for trade show experiences.