Avangrid: Environmental, Health & Safety Summit and Awards 2022

September 26-29, 2022. New Haven, CT.

touchscreen kiosk


Avangrid Inc. is a Connecticut-based energy services holding company.

The company's Environmental, Health & Safety Summit and Awards were held September 16-29, 2022, in New Haven, Connecticut. The event brought together leaders from the utility industry to discuss environmental, health, and safety issues. Avangrid wanted to bring in some digital signage so they reached out to Popshap.

led video wall


For this event we supplied 1 x 49” standing touch screen kiosk and an LED video wall. The standing touch screen kiosk is the perfect addition to any event or show. For the kiosk, we created a custom software designed to fit with Avangrid’s branding. That included an agenda of events with date and time, video and photos, pdf’s that included information on speakers and other event related content, and a photobooth! For the LED wall Avangrid provided us with photos that highlighted and celebrated all their team members.

avangrid event


For this event the touch screen kiosk and LED wall were the perfect fit. The LED wall gave attendees and guests the opportunity to learn more about their coworkers and celebrate each other while the kiosk allowed guests to gain important information regarding the event. In addition, The photobooth that we included gave their team something to do other than talk. It gave them that extra element of fun! Not only making this experience better for the Avangrid team but an all around fun and informative experience for everyone.