The CRMC 2024

May 20-22, 2024, Chicago, IL

49 inch standing kiosk


Popshap played a crucial role in elevating The CRMC event by providing state-of-the-art event management kiosks. The deployment included 14 49-inch standing touchscreen kiosks and 14 32-inch standing touchscreen kiosks, each uniquely branded with vinyl logos for the event's diverse sponsors. This extensive digital setup ensured that the event was not only technologically advanced but also visually engaging, creating a vibrant and interactive atmosphere for all attendees.

event management kiosk


The real innovation came with the custom software that Popshap developed for each sponsor. This bespoke software featured a company video at the top, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Additionally, it included three key sections: solutions, resources, and book a meeting. These features provided sponsors with a dynamic platform to showcase their brand, present their products or services, and facilitate direct interactions with potential clients. This personalized approach significantly boosted the value for sponsors, allowing them to make a lasting impression on attendees.

32 inch standing kiosk


Overall, Popshap's contribution to The CRMC event was a resounding success. By integrating advanced technology with customized content, they transformed the event into a highly interactive and immersive experience. Sponsors benefited from increased exposure and engagement, while attendees enjoyed a seamless and informative experience. Popshap's dedication to delivering top-notch event management kiosks highlights their commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, making the event a memorable and impactful one for all involved.