June 11th, 2021 Atlanta, Georgia

Hempire touch table


With the CBD and hemp industry growing, one brand in particular was looking to create an experience that set them apart from the competition. Hempire, a manufacturer of CBD and hemp products contacted Popshap for an upcoming event. Their goal for the event was to promote their products in a unique way and get guests to give them their emails. So, how did Popshap help them achieve this goal and get them hundreds of leads? With interactive touch screen kiosks and tables.

Interactive touch table display


As Hempire prepares for the event, they chose to go with Popshap’s 49” touch screen kiosks and 43” touch table kiosks. We created a software for the Hempire kiosks, they were designed with multiple interactive features that allowed guests to view their products and engage in interactive games. The touch table featured their CBD products, a wheel of fortune game, and a contact form, where the touch screen kiosk included all of following features plus an interactive photo booth. These features helped create an interactive and fun experience for guests during the event.

Hempire wheel of fortune touch table


For the event, Popshap developed their customizable interface software on the 43” touch screen kiosks and a 49” touch tables. The displays ended up being a huge hit, the guests were excited about the interactive games and products. With these displays, Hempire was able to generate over hundreds of leads at the CBD Expo.