43 inch touchscreen kiosk create large, eye-catching tradeshow and event digital signage and backdrops that command attention in every environment. These customizable touch kiosk come in a variety of sizes and colors to display games, videos, contact forms, or anything you can think of!

Cut through the tradeshow Clutter, and Captivate Your Target Audience, and Get More Leads
No need to struggle to be seen in today’s cluttered event and tradeshow environments. The large, vibrant images on your 43-inch interactive touch kiosk will get noticed from long distances and instantly capture the attention of anyone within sight.

Popshap Makes Event Marketing Easy and Worry-free
Popshap is with you every single step of the way. An experienced technologist helps you choose the best touch kiosk technology, and determine the optimal configuration to get the most impact when you need it the most.

In addition, an experienced project manager can help you with your content management and keep your event and marketing objectives on time and on budget – handling all of the event details so you can focus on your marketing message and your target audience.

Reach out to one highly experienced technologist for all your event needs. They’ll take all the tricky tradeshow and event details off your plate and coordinate the logistics for you. You stay focused on what the bigger picture is, and can rest easy knowing you’ve got the details handled.

Enhance your event and entertain your guests.

With the help of our excellent development team, these digital tables will blow your event away!