Interactive Digital Signage at Expo Expo 2023

Dallas, TX, December 2023.

ASM booth, led wallASM table kiosk
shepard booth, digital posterbridge LED
360 photoboothdigital posters


Popshap made a significant impact at Expo Expo by not only exhibiting our own innovations but also providing cutting-edge interactive digital signage to our esteemed partner Shepard and client ASM Global. All three booths stood out for their exceptional interactivity. For Shepard, we incorporated a visually striking LED video wall seamlessly into their booth, creating an engaging backdrop for both their booth and seating area. The result was a visually appealing and immersive experience for attendees.


At ASM Global's booth, we took interactivity to the next level by providing a 5x3 LED video wall integrated into their booth structure, alongside a 49-inch touch screen table featuring a vinyl company logo. Our custom software guided users through a seamless journey, starting with selecting regions of service, leading to a detailed map of convention centers, each with a description, QR code for sales contacts, and a "Connect with Us" button. The main screen also offered direct access to the ASM Global website and a downloadable PDF with worldwide presence details, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


In our own booth, we showcased a diverse array of interactive digital signage, including three impactful LED video walls, standing touch screen kiosks, table kiosks, mounted monitors, a charging kiosk, and a 360 photo booth. The LED video walls featured captivating content reflecting our partnerships and demonstrating our capabilities. Our standing kiosks served as demo stations, highlighting the variety of software solutions we offer to event organizers, while the mounted touch screens featured a selfie station for attendees to capture and share fun moments. The table kiosks hosted our software with various widgets, including Popshap PDFs, projects, an interactive game, and demo software links. The 360 photo booth added a touch of fun, allowing guests to share their experiences directly to their email, creating memorable moments for all.