Interactive Touchscreen DIrectory at NRECA

March 3 - 8, 2023. Nashville, TN.

wall mounted kiosk


Popshap partnered with Shepard to provide an interactive touchscreen directory at NRECA PowerXchange 2023. The setup included 1 x 43 inch standing touchscreen kiosk, 1 x 32 inch touchscreen table, and 4 x 43 inch wall-mounted kiosks, which helped to turn the show digital. With these interactive kiosks, attendees could access a wealth of information about NRECA's programs and resources.

touchscreen kiosk


The wall-mounted kiosks included resource PDFs that allowed guests to learn more about NRECA's advocacy and policy resources, business and technology resources, workforce development resources, and benefits built for co-ops. The standing kiosk had software with 3 different widgets, which included a quiz, a booth and learning center schedule, and a section containing all the resource guides mentioned above. This provided attendees with a personalized and interactive experience that helped them to engage with NRECA's programs and resources.

mounted touchscreen kiosk


Finally, there was one kiosk that had a loop of the booth and learning center schedule, which provided attendees with up-to-date information on the show's events. Popshap's interactive kiosks for show management helped to enhance the attendee experience at NRECA PowerXchange 2023, providing easy access to resources and information. Overall, the interactive touchscreen directory helped to create an engaging and informative environment, leaving a lasting impression on attendees