Eisenhower Park, New York


Pinktie made their annual event to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The event took place at the Carltun at Eisenhower Park, East Meadow NY. They wanted a way to promote their charity and give people a way to donate by entering into a raffle. Pinktie, Stonybrook, and Webair asked us to create branded kiosks for the event.


Popshap designed kiosks that promoted Piktie’s brand and had an application to let people buy a ticket and join the raffle. Popshap also provided kiosks for other companies present at the party namely Stonybrook for kids, and Webair. Many attendees joined the raffle and donated to breast cancer awareness.

For this annual event, we used 2 kiosks: 49″ non-touch kiosk which showed what the company has done for the years in the fight against breast cancer and also 49″ touch screen kiosk with personalized software in which attendees could make donations and participate in a raffle and win prizes.