Psych Congress 2022

New Orleans, LA. Sept 17th-19th.

touchscreen kiosk


Metro Exhibits is an international supplier of exhibit display products and services to the pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer product, medical device and related industries. They are an industry leader in event and display solutions and attended The Psych Congress 2022 which was held in New Orleans, LA. The Psych Congress has been the nation's top conference on practical psychopharmacology for 35 years, providing an unmatched forum for members of the entire mental health team allowing them to connect with the foremost experts in psychiatry. Due to the importance of this congress event Metro Exhibits reached out to Popshap to provide digital signage!

digital signage


For The Psych Congress we had a total of 2 x 49” touchscreen kiosks, 1 x 85” display monitor and 2 x 43” display monitors. Metro Exhibits had 2 separate booths, one containing the touchscreen kiosk and 85” monitor and the other contained the 43” monitors. With this being a Congress show it was very important for these booths to display specific information on the interactive screens, and we were able to do just that! 

display monitors


Overall Metro Exhbitits made great booths and we enjoyed bringing that interactive element in with our touch screen kiosks and display monitors. The touchscreen kiosks were strategically placed in areas of the booth that would have the most foot traffic allowing guests to interact and view all information provided and the display monitors were mounted high so they could be viewed from all angles.