Mattress Firm at Houston Rodeo 2024

Feb 22nd - March 18. Houston, TX


Houston Rodeo 2024 witnessed a dynamic blend of innovation and entertainment, with Mattress Firm standing out as a prime example of leveraging cutting-edge technology. Collaborating with Popshap, Mattress Firm introduced touchscreen kiosks to engage attendees like never before.


Inside the venue, visitors were greeted by the sleek design of the 49-inch touchscreen table and the double-sided kiosk, both equipped with custom software developed by Popshap. This intuitive software facilitated various interactions, from entering raffles to exploring bundle options and comparing mattresses, all conveniently accessible on a single screen. Meanwhile, outside in the tent area, two outdoor 49-inch kiosks provided the same immersive experience, extending Mattress Firm's reach and impact.


The integration of touchscreen kiosks proved to be a game-changer for Mattress Firm at Houston Rodeo 2024, enhancing engagement and brand visibility. Popshap's innovative solutions empowered attendees to interact with Mattress Firm's offerings seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression of convenience and innovation. As technology continues to shape experiential marketing, touchscreen kiosks emerge as a vital tool for brands to captivate audiences and drive success at events.